Some people have come into my life and brought my world into focus.. They have made me more brave, and more patient. They remind me of the person I want to be.

Some have always been there. Some, I have met and grabbed hold of tightly, so they can’t escape. Others have been taken from me. Some are like a passing ship that I wave “hello” and “goodbye” to, before I have time to realize what I’m losing. But each of them leave behind scraps of wisdom that I tuck into my heart. They leave memories that I weave together and protect, and feelings that words can’t capture; moments that reshape who I am.

With each goodbye, I weave a piece of that person into my heart so that they never really leave me. Each are grafted into the person that God is creating me to be.

Goodbyes are hard. But God reminds me that they’re never final. We’re all just on the journey to find our way home.

bye for the birds

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1 comment on “Bye For The Birds”

  1. Love this and love YOU my dear. There is never enough to time together. So no, we are not done- this IS see you later. I hold a piece of you in my heart, dear, incredible, inspired and inspiring Lindsay.

    We are held,

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