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As I sit on my crumpled bed, I watch you twirling in your pink tutu. You have a radiant smile on your face of pure joy. Earlier you got into my bedside drawer and found an anniversary card that your daddy had given to me. As you explored the white icing sparkles and traced the fuchsia embossed heart, I watched you mouth the word “wow.”

In your eyes I saw that card in an entirely new way. You see my dear, when I received it I saw it as an obligation: a mere trinket that I expected your daddy to give me on the day that marked our five year wedding anniversary. But when I see it through your eyes, I see our wedding cake, I see the rose on your daddy’s lapel, and I see a love story that has woven us together as a family.

At the beach yesterday, you squealed as we took off your sandals and you allowed the sand to explode between your toes; you giggled with glee as the foam of the waves chased our heels; you peacefully rested in utter bliss as your daddy’s arms enveloped you in a seaside nap. It makes me realize that too often I forget to indulge in life and soak it up with all my senses. Too often my prayers of thanks are the cursory things rather than taking time to appreciate the details that God has intimately placed in my life. After all its the sunrises, and morning cuddles, the smell of your hair after a bath, the taste of coffee after a bite of breakfast, red high heels, pink tutus, and sand between my toes that gives life the dimension and color that help me to see more clearly.

You have fresh eyes for everything, finding excitement and awe in the corners of life that, too often, I let collect dust. With your bright vision my own world gets bigger and I’m reminded to see the wonder in things that too easily become commonplace.

While the cotton candy pink of your baby blanket,  that I unwrapped from the white paper tissue before you were born, has dulled to a pastel; days and life experiences will soften your vibrant spirit and your bright eyes. Its hard to believe, but in time, your figure will ease into gentle curves and the skin on your face will relax into subdued lines. Like the fabric on your blanket has become soft with love and washes, this softening of your spirit is part of becoming a woman.  But, as you relax into your different roles as a friend, a professional, a mother and wife, I pray that you don’t lose your wonder. My prayer is that your laughter, enthusiasm, and face splitting smile don’t get dimmer, but richer as you grow into the beautiful woman that God has created you to be.

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3 comments on “Never Lose Your Wonder”

  1. That’s awesome Lindsey. When she grows up and reads this she will know how much she is loved, now, then, and always. Wonderfully written.

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