My big girl is three. All of a sudden she is an independent being, that thinks thoughts and says things that don’t always come from me. Her words are more than just the sing song echo of a toddler learning her first words.

My heart glowed when she came home from VBS yesterday and said, “You and I are small mommy, cause we can’t touch the sky, but God is so big He made the sky!”

Amen little lady! Don’t we all need that reminder? As heavy and ginormous the weight of parenthood feels sometimes its feels good to remember you and I are small, and God is the creator, that’s so big He reaches up and paints the sky!

Its awesome when B expresses herself to reveal her own thoughts, and preferences, and observations. I’m sure you can relate; kids have a way of sifting through all the niceties and fluff to get to the heart of the matter with hilarious bluntness, but also refreshing honesty.

vbsevanLast year at VBS, when I was pregnant with Baby E, one of the children said to me, “You are making a human being!!”

Wow! So obvious, but I admit I’d never thought of it that way. But whether we’re a grandparent, a foster parent, an aunt or uncle, or a VBS volunteer, it doesn’t take a uterus to make a human being folks!! (Please don’t get me in trouble for saying uterus on here! :0)

The responsibility can feel so, so big. Like God is entrusting us to paint a piece of the sky too.

When you zoom in on a photvbs hugograph, you see thousands of tiny dots. From that vantage point you can see every shade of a color. You can see every minute detail. But when I’m editing that closely, its easy to get caught up on the tiny imperfections instead of seeing  the overall composition.

When we’re raising children, its easy to zoom in on this exact moment in time. When we get too caught up in this moment in time we can get caught up in worrying ourselves over our kids hang-ups and misbehaviors. We can put a microscope on our own parenting skills, picking ourselves apart and trying to decipher how each of our words will impact and form our children. And every day, every moment matters, but at the same time, when life feels pixelated, sometimes we need to zoom out and realize that God is the one that creates the big picture.

And the moments that seem dark and fuzzy, when our kids are going through a tough phase, or we feel ill equipped to be parents, well maybe God is creating a shadow to enhance the bright places. Because God has a way of using even the dark spots to create beauty.

I love seeing B becoming her own little person, and soaking up knowledge from her friends, and VBS teachers, but I also love being her mom- the one that has the last word (until she’s a teenager right?). So when she told me that little nugget of truth, reminding me how small I am and how big God is- I added another piece that is so important for her to remember.

“Yes my child, God is so big that He paints the sky, but He loves you so much that He made himself small to come into the world and die on the cross for you. He loves you so much that he rose again, and when He ascended into Heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to live inside you.”

“But Mommy, I’m so small.”

“Baby, God isn’t limited by size, His love comes in giant banners and little love notes. God can be so small too.”

Yes friend, relish the giggles, the tickles, the hundreds of questions, the shouts and loud whispers, and mischievious grins. Relish the play dough messes, the crumbs and dirty egg pans, the wet footprints and sandy bottoms. God can be present in every minute detail of life. But when life feels too heavy, or when we feel small and powerless, we can remember that we’re His child, and as we sleep at night, He cradles us, He puts the nightlight of stars in the sky when life is dark, and paints a bright blue sky for a brand new day. Yes God’s big love can overcome even the hardest things in life, in the most small and tender ways.



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