Dear VBS Kids,

What a week it has been! My guess is you might wake up tomorrow morning and feel a little deflated, like the bounce houses will be when we take them down tonight. Its sad when fun days end, like when we have to say goodbye to our friends after a fun day together, or when the pile of presents are all unwrapped. But don’t give your parents too much trouble, cause they’re feeling a little tired too, and maybe asking some of the same questions. Questions like, “what’s next?” and “How do I get this cool-aid out of their hair?”

I know this week you’ve heard a lot about Jesus. I asked many of you what love is, and most of you gave me responses like “Love comes from Jebubblessus.”

Wow! The first step to living a life of love, is knowing where it comes from.

So my question for you is this. Do you know where bubbles come from?

If you’re answer is Target or Pinterest, then you’re mom might have an addiction. But more than that, bubbles come from mixing 1 cup of dish soap, 6 cups of water, and just a spoonful of glycerin. (Now before you  bug your parents to make you some…keep listening!!)bmonkey

That last ingredient that starts with a “G” is kinda important. You see, the recipe only calls for a spoonful, but that’s what holds the bubbles together.

So imagine this. You my friend are the soap, that God made unique: a one-uffa-kind blend with your name on it. Then, the Holy Spirit is the water, that fills us up. Lastly, the small spoonful that holds us together is Jesus. We can remember that, because he came into the world as a small baby- but like that little bit of glycerin, He makes a big difference.

At VBS you were reminded of where love comes from. Now imagine your love is like that bubble mixture, and I want you to go home, and to the store, and to the beach and playground, and school in the fall, and blow your bubbles EVERYWHERE! When you’re sad, blow bubbles- it’ll cheer you up. I promise, if you get angry, you’ll start laughing at yourself as soon as you start blowing pretend bubbles in the air. Instead of blowing kisses, you can blow bubbles to each other, and catch them, and tuck them in your hearts for later.

Cause God comes into our hearts and lives and he fills us up so full with his love, that we can’t help but let it bubble over into the hearts and lives of others.

But there’s one last thing I need you to know. No bubble is exactly the same. The light catches each bubble to glow and refract colors differently. Some bubbles are ginormous, some are itty bitty. Some bubbles are big long ovals, and if you’re tricky, you can create star shaped bubbles, and hearts, and octagons. But no matter what your bubble looks like, I’ve never met one that didn’t make me smile. So go on, put your wand in the air like you just don’t care, and blow your bubbles everywhere. I bet you’ll convince others to smile along the way too.














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DON’T STOP!!! You are sent friends, keep the love going!





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